Plane Connection

Plane Connections LLC is a Aviation Company with a mission of family first. We look to provide Personal, Professional, and Corporate Support to Everyone through the means of Aviation. We Support Military Operations, Civilian General Aviation, and Corporate Charter and Aircraft Management. Our abilities are only limited by your needs. We Provide detailed Analysis on all aspects of aviation to include: Aircraft Charters, Aircraft Buying/Selling, Personal Aviation education, and Aircraft Ownership. 


Aviation on demand charter

Aviation Charter and Flight Services. Plane Connection will provided detailed Quotes for Aircraft Charter Brokerage as well as will begin Private Charter Service Coming this Summer. We look to Provide affordable, Time saving, and reliable Air services with you, your Company and most Importantly your Family In mind. 


Aircraft Ownership and Managment

Aircraft Ownership and Management. Our Expertise in Aircraft Ownership, Maintenance, Insurance, brings you a personal and Professional Wealth of Knowledge in support to your abilities to own and operate an Aircraft. 

We Provide one on one support for aircraft owners from the day they buy to the day they sell. We also provide Personal and Corporate Aircraft and flight department Management.  Your aircraft, our experts, your success. 


Aircraft/Aviation Support

Many Companies in Aviation have tons of knowledge, and with today's ever growing market that knowledge is hard to capture with out "knowing some one in aviation". Plane Connections Professional Knowledge is more than what many call Hanger Talk.

We will help provide key insights into the best and most cost effective ways to enter, remain, or upgrade in todays Aviation Sector.  Our Knowledge is over 70 years of both Military, Military Contractor and Civilian General Aviation as well as Airline Tansportation Professional experience.